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Product Name:Fiberglass Cloth
Product Info:

Fiberglass Cloth

Fiberglass cloth is also called Fiberglass mesh, Sliding mesh, etc. It is made from fiberglass woven roving as its  basis  material  , then be treated by alkali-resistant macromolecule latex. It has excellent properties like high alkali- resistant, good cohesion,flexibility,tensile strength,etc.It can be widely used in wall heat reservation system,water proofness and preventing cracks.
Common specification:
 1.Mesh Size: 5*5mm , 4*5mm or 4*4mm;
 2.Weight/SQ: 70-300g;
 3.Length/roll: 50m,100m or 200m;
 4.Width/roll: 1m-2m;
 5.Colours: White(Standard), blue, green, ect
 6.Special products are available according to requirement of customers



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