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about besince

BESINCE International Corporation is a professional enterprise engaged in international business with much experience. 


BESINCE manufactures, develops and distributes higher quality with lower price products to the line of metal, nonmetal, construction,

erosion control, industry and agriculture, etc. Our baisc factories and services allow your company always stand the top of your competition.

We have the capability of offering and producing your specific requirements with the lowest price based on quality.


Our main products including four kinds of series, as Wire series, metal series, nonmetal series and Abrasive series.  

Wire Series including Stainless Steel Wire, Black Annealed Wire, Black Twisted Wire, Galvanized wire, Barbed wire, Razor wire, Wire Nails and Nickel wire. And it also includes looped tie wire, U type wire and bailing wire, etc. 

Metal products including Stainless steel wire mesh (wire cloth), Welded wire mesh, Hexagonal wire netting, Gabion, Chicken Wire,  Window screen, Expanded wire mesh, Conveyor belt, Knitted mesh, Steel Grating, punched wire mesh, Crimped wire mesh, Vibrating mesh, Chain link fence, wire mesh fence, Post, etc.


Nonmetal mesh mainly includes Construction safety mesh, fiberglass mesh, plastic mesh, polyester mesh, filter paper, etc.  

Processed series include wire basket, wire rack, panels, sintered mesh, filters elements, etc.  


Abrasive Series include Steel ball, Steel shot, Steel Grit, etc.

For more information about us, please feel free to contact us. We will show you the details of what you want to know. 

Because of high quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery, our goods are not only selling well in China, but also exported to clients in Europe, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and other countries and regions. 

You are welcome to send an email or fax your inquiries and trial orders to us. We assure your inquiries can get replies within one hour         (in China work time) by our professional staffs.

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